Billing & Subscription

We made Union Powered affordable for all locals – from just a few members to many thousands. We did this by lowering the per-member cost as the number of members goes up, using a proprietary formula.

The monthly cost of Union Powered is based on (1) your selected package (Free Forever (zero cost), Basic, or Enhanced) and (2) your member count (active, and a portion of inactive members).

Yes you can cancel anytime without penalty; cancellations take effect at the end of the current month.

Yes, Free Forever is – as the name suggests – free, forever (zero subscription cost)! The only cost might be a small amount for data if your store large files like images.

The Free Forever package includes full member record functionality: automatic file imports, complete member data tracking, and useful reports. No more paper files and spreadsheets!

The Basic package includes everything in the Free Forever package plus the ability for your members to access the system (Direct Member Access); the document Library, where you can securely store documents and limit download access based on roles and permissions; and News, which allows your local to send out news bulletins by email and directly within the system. The Basic package also includes free media and documents storage of 50 MB per 100 members (chargeable member count).

The Enhanced package includes everything in the Basic package plus the sophisticated Events module, which allows you to create detailed custom events, gather feedback, send invitations, and track registration and attendance; and the Blog, which facilitates true conversations and engagement with your members via personalized comments threads. The Enhanced package also includes additional free media and documents storage of 100 MB per 100 members (chargeable member count).

You can change your package at any time.

About Union Powered

Union Powered is a software solution to help labour unions operate their local more effectively, engage their members, and keep track of vital information.

Union Powered is software for all union locals, across all industries, and is particularly useful for smaller locals (less than 1000 members) that normally couldn’t afford this type of software.

While many other software systems are only affordable for large locals, Union Powered works great for locals of all sizes, from very small to very large.

You can sign up with as few as only a handful of members, for free or a surprisingly affordable fee plan.

Your local can track all your member data, store and manage documents, create and hold events, share news bulletins, and share blogs and invite conversations to foster member engagement. Soon (next planned release) you will be able to manage grievances using Union Powered’s unique automated system, access the system using the UP Mobile app, and more!

Yes. The Enterprise version of Union Powered, which can be fully customized and comes with ongoing training and premium support, is still available. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes, we are actively adding to the system. There will be upgrades – both small and large – to Union Powered over time, including brand new features, improvements to existing ones, and updates for ease-of-use and efficiency.

Upcoming releases will include Grievance Management, Complaints, and Issues tracking, along with the ability to load in your Collective Agreement(s) with the assistance of AI! We will also be making improvements to many existing features and processes within the system.

You can change your package at any time.

Data and Privacy

Yes, your data is secured with state-of-the-art encryption, anti-hacking, and privacy measures.

Yes, you can download your data at any time.

If you cancel your subscription or leave Union Powered, you will be able to download your data and take it with you. Your data will be removed from our servers after 6 months (we hold it until then in case you decide to come back!).