Union Powered

Union Powered began way back in 2004, when we built a custom software system for our local Steel union and their thousands of members (a system still in use today, and credited for supporting the union through hundreds of grievances and several changes in employer ownership!).

Several years later, we were contacted by a large industrial union in the oil patch that was looking for a solution, and unhappy with what was available on the market.  That’s when we decided to develop a full, scalable Union software system – one that is both standardized, to leverage best processes, but also customizable, as every union and every collective agreement is different.

Today Union Powered serves thousands of members right across the country, but we wanted to do more for more people. So, we re-imagined what our platform could be, and are excited to offer our powerful solution in a format that is accessible for every local, no matter how big or how small, with minimal cost, complexity and overhead.

The role for software
in helping unions
serve their members.

Unions, and in particular their local executive, have a tough job – bargaining for wages and work conditions, settling grievances, and generally holding the employer to account (often while only working part-time as union leadership!). Their job is made harder as the employer holds ‘all the cards’ – they have power over the employees, they set the rules, and they have access to expensive legal support.

What can we do to help? How can software aid both the local executive and national union in their mission to protect and enrich their members? By helping unions do their jobs through task automation, eliminating busywork, reducing errors, keeping track of information and documents, and providing guidance based on best practice.

That’s our role, and that’s our mission: To help Unions do their work better and more efficiently.

Our Expertise

We come from unions, as members and executives, and from software solutions development. Our expertise is understanding the work unions do to support their members and building solutions to help them do it better. We program in all modern software codes, and build our systems intelligently to make complicated things seem simple.

At the end of the day, we excel at building software that works, and we are focused on improving the lives of union members.

Our Purpose

To help Unions better represent their Members.

Our Vision

We envision a world where union members are treated fairly and share equitably in the value they create.

Our Mission

We believe we can help Unions and their Members enrich their experience and build higher wages, better benefits, and healthier work environments through the application of information; the provision of innovative tools and the know-how to use them; and the facilitation of collaboration and sharing of ‘what works’.

Our Values

We value people, and recognize that in order for all of us to do well, each of us has to do well.